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L.A. in Pictures
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Latest Population Estimates
January 1, 2014

Los Angeles County:  10,041,797
City of Los Angeles:    3,904,657
2010 Census

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Los Angeles County cities, click here

Did You Know?

The Denny's Restaurant chain, now found nationwide, was  founded in Lakewood in 1953 by Harold Butler and Richard Jezakin and first opened as a single donut shop named Danny’s Donuts.  The partners added more shops during the following year and also added sandwiches and other entrees to the menu.  The shops were later renamed Danny's Coffee Shops. By 1959, the chain had expanded to 20 restaurants and was renamed Denny's in order to not be confused with another chain named Doughnut Dan's. The chain remained headquartered in Southern California until 1991, when it moved its home office to Spartanburg, South Carolina.





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 “[We found] a delightful place
among  the trees on the river.
There are all the requisites for
a large settlement.”
Father Juan Crespi, August 2, 1769

“Perhaps no city in modern times
has been so universally envied,
imitated, ridiculed, and, because
of what it may portend, feared.”
Encyclopedia Britannica, 2000



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