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Absentee Voters


Academy Awards

        History of the Academy Awards Ceremony

        Locations of the Academy Awards Ceremonies


        See Automobile Accidents


        See Aid to Families with Dependent Children

Africanized Honey Bee

        The Africanized Honey Bee ("Killer" Bees)

Age, Median

        Median Age Projections

        Population by Age & Sex & Median Age

Age, Population by

        Population by Age

        Population by Age, Sex & Race

        Population by Age by City

        Population by Age & Sex

        Racial/Ethnic Composition Estimates by Age & Sex - 1999

Agoura Hills

        Agoura Hills


        Agricultural Commodities Summary

        Agricultural Employment & Worker Facts

        Certified Farmers Markets

        Christmas Trees Harvested

        Farm income from Agriculture Sales

        Farm Partnerships & Corporations

        Individual or Family Owned Farms

        Leading Agricultural Products

        Number & Size of Farms

        Number of Farms by Acres

        Selected Livestock Inventory

AIAW Championships

        AIAW Championships Involving L.A Teams

Aid to Families with Dependent Children

        Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Characteristics, Recipients Age 16+

        Average Number of Individual AFDC & General Relief Recipients Per Month


        AIDS Cases & AIDS-Related Deaths

        Disease Incidences

Air Distances

        Air Distances Between Los Angeles & Foreign Cities

        Air Distances Between Los Angeles & Select U.S. Cities

Air Pollution

        See Air Quality

Air Quality

        Air Quality, U.S. Counties with the Largest Percentage of Unhealthy Air Quality Days

        Air Quality Information and Air Pollution Complaints

        Air Quality Standards, Number of days per Year in Which Air Quality Standards are Exceeded

        Historic Ozone Air Quality Trends

        Ozone Concentrations & Number of Days Exceeding Standards by L.A. County Area

Air Travel

        Air Passenger Traffic (Domestic, International, U.S. Customs Arrivals) at LAX

        Air Travel from New York to Los Angeles in 1930's

        First Non-Stop Flight Across the United States

        Grand Central Airport - First Major Airport in the Los Angeles Area

        Also See Air Distances

Airports & Airfields

        Air Cargo & Mail at Los Angeles International Airport

        Air Passenger Traffic (Domestic, International, U.S. Customs Arrivals) at LAX

        Air Travel from New York to Los Angeles in 1930's

        Aircraft Movements Monitored by the FAA at Los Angeles International Airport

        Airports & Airfields

        Best & Worst Time to Fly From LAX

        Grand Central Airport - First Major Airport in the Los Angeles Area

        Number of Passengers Using the Los Angeles to New York & Los Angeles to San Francisco Air Routes

        Value of Airborne Export & Import Shipments Through California Airports

Alameda Corridor Project

        Alameda Corridor Project

Alcohol Consumption

        Alcohol & Drug Use by High School Students (Survey at LAUSD)

        Alcoholic Beverage Consumption & Cigarette Smoking, Prevalence of



Alone, Persons Living

        Persons Living Alone

AM Radio

        See Radio Stations

American Football League

        American Football League Championships Involving L.A. Teams

American Indian, Population

        American Indian, Eskimo, Aleut & Other Population


        Amtrak Routes From/Through Los Angeles

        Amtrak Stations

Amusement Parks

        Amusement Parks in Southern California


        Country of Ancestry

Angels Flight

        Angels Flight

Angeles National Forest

        Angeles National Forest, Welcome to

        Angeles National Forest Facts

        Angeles National Forest Map

Animal & Plant Life

        Africanized Honey Bee ("Killer" Bees)

        California Condor

        Grizzly Bears, Last Known in Southern California


        Important Habitat Areas, Refuges & Reserves

        Listed Endangered Species - Animals

        Listed Endangered Species - Plants

        Monster Legend of Elizabeth Lake?

        Pets - Characteristics of Privately Owned Dog & Cat Population & Owners - City of L.A.


        Wildlife - Coyotes, Mountain Lions & Bears


        Former Incorporated Cities

        Other Communities Annexed by the City of Los Angeles

Appeals Court - California

        California Courts of Appeal - 2nd Appellate District

Appeals Court – Federal

        Federal Courts - Court of Appeals, District Court, Bankruptcy Court




        Homes by Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture Schools

        Southern California Institute of Architecture

Area Codes

        Telephone Area Code History for L.A. County (1947 – 1999)

        Telephone Area Codes by Community

Area, Land & Water

        Land & Water Area


        Arrests, Felony by Offense

        Arrests, Misdemeanors by Offense


        Arson, Reported Incidents of


        Academy Awards Ceremony History

        Museums- Art





Asian Population

        Asian Population

Assembly, State

        Latest State Assembly Election Results

        Also See Government - California

Assessor, County

        Latest County Assessor Election Results

        Other Key Elected L.A. County Officials - Assessor, District Attorney, Sheriff

Assistance to Children

        Placement of Children in Out-of-Home Care

Assistance to Disabled

        Deaf Information from the County of L.A.

        General Information&Referrals for Disabled Persons

        Transportation Information for Disabled Persons

Assistance, Public

        See Social Welfare

Automobile Accidents

        Persons Killed & Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents by Extent of Injury

        Number of Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions & Number of Persons Killed

        Number of Motor Vehicle Collisions Involving Injuries and Persons Injured

        Fatalities & Injuries From Alcohol-Involved Motor Vehicle Collisions

        Fatalities & Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents by City

        Some California Traffic Accident Facts




        See Transportation - Air




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