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Earhart, Amelia Putnam

        Some Aviation Highlights in L.A. County

Earthquakes & Earthquake Preparation


        Emergency Food & Water Supplies

        Fort Tejon Earthquake, 1857

        Know What To Do Before, During and After A Major Earthquake

        Richter Magnitude Scale

Economy & Business

        Age of Housing Structures

        Business, Trade & Professional Magazines & Periodicals

        Chambers of Commerce for Unincorporated Communities

        Construction Industry

        Consumer Price Index

        Domestic Travel in California

        Fastest Growing Industries

        Financial Industry

        Fishing Industry

        Forestry Industry

        Gross Monthly Rent of Renter-Occupied Housing Units

        Highest & Lowest Median Home Values

        Highest & Lowest Percentage of Mortgage-Free Homes

        Highest Median Monthly Rents

        Highest Paid CEOs

        Hostels in the Los Angeles Area

        Industry of Employment by City

        Impact of Travel on L.A. County

        Insurance Industry

        Largest Concentrations of Hispanic-Owned Businesses by U.S. Counties

        Largest Hotels

        Leading Banks

        Major Shopping Malls

        Major Shopping Malls by Number of Stores

        Major Shopping Malls by Year Opened

        Manufacturing Industry

        Median Home Selling Prices, Historical in Southern California

        Median Home Prices for Individual Cities/Communities

        Median Home Value by City - 1990 & 2000 Census

        Median Monthly Gross Rents in California

        Mining Industry

        Most Popular Tourist Attractions

        Nationally Ranked Business Schools in L.A.

        New Residential Construction

        Number and Median Value of Homes

        Number of Condominiums

        Number of Foreign Visitors to California

        Number of Homeowners

        Number of Homeowners & Renters by Community

        Number of Housing Units

        Number of Minority-Owned Firms

        Number, Receipts & Employment of Woman-Owned Businesses

        Occupied Housing Units (by Race)

        Office & Industrial Vacancy Rates in Los Angeles

        Other Special Chambers of Commerce

        Public Utilities Industry

        Real Estate Industry

        Retail Trade Industry

        Retail Establishments & Sales

        Retail Sales by City

        Service Establishments & Sales

        Services Industry

        Top Privately-Held Companies

        Top Publicly-Traded Companies

        Total Taxable Sales & Retail Sales

        Transportation Industry

        Value of Airborne Export & Import Shipments Through California Airports

        Value of Exports and Imports Through California Ports

        Value of Non-Residential Construction

        Value of Owner-Occupied Homes

        Venture Capital in Southern California

        Visitor & Conventional Organizations

        Visitors to L.A. County, Overnight & Direct Spending

        Wealthiest Persons & Families

        Wholesale & Retail Sales

        Wholesale Establishments & Sales

        Wholesale Trade Industry

Education Levels

        Educational Attainment by Adult Population

        Educational Attainment by Adult Population by City


Education Schools

        Nationally Ranked Schools of Education in L.A.

Education, College & University

        Business Schools, Nationally Ranked, in L.A.

        California State Universities, Points of Pride

        Chiropractic Schools, Directory of, in L.A.

        Top-Ranked Colleges and Universities Overall in L.A.

        Community Colleges, Public, Directory of

        Community College Enrollments, Public, Faculty & Year Established

        Degrees Awarded by Colleges and Universities

        Dental Schools, Directory of

        Directory of Four-Year & Graduate Colleges & Universities

        Directory of Private Two-Year Colleges

        Endowments, Colleges & Universities

        Education, Schools of, Nationally Ranked, in L.A.

        Enrollment, Students in Higher Education

        Enrollments, University & College, Faculty & Degrees Offered

        Ethnic/Racial Demographics of College Students

        Ethnic/Racial Percentages of Students by College & University

        Foreign Students at Colleges & Universities

        Gender Percentages of Students by College & University

        Graduate Programs, Nationally Top-Ranked, in L.A.

        Law School Libraries & Number of Volumes

        Law Schools, Directory of

        Law Schools, Nationally Ranked, in L.A.

        Libraries, Academic, Directory of

        Libraries, Largest University Libraries

        Library Holdings, Academic

        Medical Schools, Ranking and Student Enrollment

        Nursing Schools, Nationally Ranked, in Southern California

        Pharmacy, School of, USC,

        Police, Campus

        Private Two-Year College Enrollments, Faculty & Founding Years

        Southern California Institute of Architecture

        Theology Schools & Seminaries, Directory of

        Top-Ranked Colleges and Universities Overall in L.A.

        UCLA Chancellors (Past to Present)

Education, K - 12

        Annual Dropout Rates for Grades 9-12 by School District

        Average Cost of Educating a Pupil

        Average SAT Scores by High School

        Average SAT Scores by School District

        Average Spending Per Pupil by School District

        Certified Teachers by School District

        College-Bound Rate of High School Graduates

        Computer & Internet Access for Pupils by School District

        Districts, Public School

        English Learner (EL) Pupils by Native Language in L.A. County

        English Learner (EL) Pupils by School District in L.A. County

        Enrollment by School Grade

        Ethnic-Minority Percentages by School District

        Grades, Number of Schools and Total Enrollment by School District

        High School Graduates

        Los Angeles Roman Catholic Archdiocese Schools

        Number of Students, Teachers, Schools, K-12

        Staff by School District in L.A. County - Certificated & Classified

        Standardized Testing And Reporting (STAR) Results Website for L.A. County Schools

        Teacher-Pupil Ratios & Average Class Size by School District

        Teachers & Teacher Experience by School District

        Teachers by Ethnic Group by School District

        Ten Largest Public & Private High Schools

        Total Enrollment, Public & Private Schools, K-12

El Monte

        El Monte

El Nido

        Communities of Other Cities

El Porto

        Communities of Other Cities

El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles

        See History

El Segundo

        El Segundo


        Election Calendar for Municipalities

        General Election Voter Turnout

        Latest County Board of Supervisors Election Results

        Latest County Assessor Election Results

        Latest District Attorney Election Results

        Latest Sheriff Election Results

        Latest California Governor Election Results

        Latest Election Results for Other Statewide Offices

        Latest State Senate Election Results

        Latest State Assembly Election Results

        Latest State Board of Equalization Election Results

        Latest U.S. Senate Election Results

        Latest U.S. House of Representatives Election Results

        Political Party Organizations

        Presidential Election Results

        Latest Detailed Presidential Election Results

        State Ballot Proposition Election Results

        Voter Information

        Voter Registration & Party Affiliation by City

        Voter Registration & Party Affiliation by Political Districts

        Voter Registration by Year



        Electrical Energy Consumption and Forecasts for Southern California

        Electric Sales, Utility, Residential and Non-Residential, Sales in So. Calif. Counties

        Electric Utilities and Retail Electricity Sales

        Electricity Utility Rates

Elementary Schools

        See Education

Elizabeth Lake, Monster of

        Legend of the Monster of Elizabeth Lake?


        Using 911

Emergency Preparations

        See Disaster

Emergency Rooms

        Emergency Rooms in L.A. County

Employers, Largest

        Largest Employers in Los Angeles County


        Agricultural Employment & Worker Facts

        Annual Average Employment by Industry

        Annual Average Employment in Manufacturing

        Annual Average Non-Farm Employment by Major Industry

        Civilian Employment & Unemployment by Year and Month

        Commuting by Workers Aged 16+ Years

        Commuting Travel Time to Work by City & Unincorporated Community of Residence in L.A. County

        County-to-County Workflow - L.A. County Residents Who Work Outside the County

        Employers, Largest

        Employment & Job Links

        Employment & Unemployment by City & Unincorporated Community

        Employment Projections by Industry

        Government Employment - Federal, State, County, Municipal

        Income by Cities

        Income & Annual Pay for Select Counties in California

        Income in Unincorporated Areas

        Occupational Fields, Employment by City

        Workers Per Family


        Electrical Energy Consumption and Forecasts for Southern California

        Electric Sales, Utility, Residential and Non-Residential, Sales in So. Calif. Counties

        Electric Utilities and Retail Electricity Sales

        Electricity Utility Rates

        Gasoline Consumption in L.A. County

        Gasoline Prices, Annual & Monthly Average - L.A., Riverside, Orange Counties

        Natural Gas, Production of

        Natural Gas Utilities

        Oil Production

        Oil Fields, Great

        Oil Refineries - Locations & Capacities

        Wells, Oil & Gas


        Born - Entertainers

Entertainment, Museums of

        Museums  - Entertainment


        Air Quality, U.S. Counties with the Largest Percentage of Unhealthy Air Quality Days

        Air Quality Information and Air Pollution Complaints

        Air Quality Standards, Days Per Year Exceeded

        Condor, California

        Endangered Species - Animals

        Endangered Species - Plants

        Environmental Resources Website (L.A. County Dept. of Public Works)

        Grizzly Bears, Last Known in Southern California


        Habitat Areas, Refuges & Reserves

        Hazardous Waste Roundups

        Illegal Dumping in Storm Drains Hotline

        Montebello Incident

        Official Tree of Los Angeles

        Ozone Air Quality Trends, Historic

        Ozone Concentrations & Number of Days Exceeding Standards by L.A. County Area

        Palm Trees Native to Southern California?

        Sanitation Districts, County

        Solid Waste Disposal

        Wastewater Treatment Facilities

        Wildlife - Coyotes, Mountain Lions & Bears

Ethnic Demographics

        See Race & Ethnicity

Ethnic Resource Libraries

        Ethnic Resource Centers Libraries


        See Trade

Extinct Species

        See Animal & Plant Life


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