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        Original Peoples of Los Angeles

Gage Mansion

        Gage Mansion - Oldest Remaining Home in Los Angeles County

Galaxy, Los Angeles

        See Sports – Soccer - Professional


        Gang Population - City of Los Angeles

        Gang-Related Crime in Los Angeles


        See Waste Disposal




        Zoos, Gardens & Nature Centers


        See Natural Gas


        See Energy

Gays & Lesbians

        Gay & Lesbian Population, L.A. County & the City of Los Angeles

General Relief

        Average Number of Individual AFDC & General Relief Recipients Per Month


        Area, Land & Water, of Los Angeles County

        Area, Land & Water, of Places in L.A. County

        Boundaries, Official County

        Channel Islands

        Cities (Square Miles & Kilometers)

        Geographical Coordinates

        Lakes & Reservoirs

        Land & Water Area - County

        Land & Water Area - Places

        Largest & Smallest Cities (Square Miles)

        Largest Lakes

        Los Angeles, Origin of Name

        Los Angeles, Pronouncing

        Los Angeles Basin - A Huge Bowl of Sand

        Lowest Point

        Map of City of Los Angeles

        Map of Freeway & Highway System

        Map of Los Angeles County & Neighboring Counties

        Map of Los Angeles County with Incorporated City Boundaries

        Map of Unincorporated Areas & Communities

        Mountain Peaks & Other High Points

        Mountain Ranges & Hills

        Nicknames for Los Angeles (Good & Derisive)

        Place Names (Meanings & Origins)


        The Monster of Elizabeth Lake?

        What Do You Call People From...

Geologic History

        Los Angeles Basin - A Huge Bowl of Sand





Government - State of California

        Government Employment - Federal, State, County, Municipal

        Latest California Governor Election Results

        Latest Election Results for Other Statewide Offices

        Latest State Senate Election Results

        Latest State Assembly Election Results

        Parks, State, Historical & Recreational

        State Ballot Proposition Election Results

        State of California Law Enforcement Agencies

Government - County of Los Angeles


        Election Calendar for Municipalities & Districts

        General Statistics for L.A. County Department of Children’s & Family Services

        Government Employment - Federal, State, County, Municipal

        Independent L.A. County Agencies

        L.A. County Board of Supervisors

        L.A. County Budget - Revenue & Expenditures

        L.A. County Commissions

        L.A. County Coroner Activity

        L.A. County Departments & Agencies

        L.A. County District Attorneys - Past to Present

        L.A. County Library System

        Los Angeles County Seal - Old and New

        L.A. County Sheriff’s Department

        L.A. County Superior & Municipal Courts

        L.A. County Supervisorial Districts

        L.A. County Supervisors - Past to Present

        L.A. County-USC Medical Center

        Latest County Assessor Election Results

        Latest County Board of Supervisors Election Results

        Latest District Attorney Election Results

        Latest Sheriff Election Results

        Los Angeles County Charter

        Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

        Parks & Recreational Facilities, County

Government - Federal

        Angeles National Forest, Welcome to

        Angeles National Forest Facts

        Angeles National Forest Map

        Latest U.S. Senate Election Results

        Latest U.S. House of Representatives Election Results

        Park Acreage, Federal & State Parks

        Presidential Election Results

        Latest Detailed Presidential Election Results

        U.S. Congressional Districts

        U.S. Congressional Representatives for L.A. County

        U.S. Senators Representing California

Government – Municipal

        City Officials - Cities of L.A. County

        Election Calendar for Municipalities & Districts

        Government Employment - Federal, State, County, Municipal

        Also See Cities or Heading Under Specific City Name

Government Employment

        Government Employment - Federal, State, County, Municipal

Government Finance

        See Taxes & Public Finance

Government Revenue

        See Taxes & Public Finance

Governor, Elections

        Latest California Governor Election Results

Grand Central Airport

        Grand Central Airport - First Major Airport in Los Angeles Area

Green Line

        See Public Transportation

Griffith Park, Curse of

        Curse of Griffith Park

Group Quarters, Persons Living in

        Persons Living in Group Quarters




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