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Habitat Areas

        Important Habitat Areas, Refuges & Reserves

Hahn, James Kenneth - Mayor of Los Angeles

        James K. Hahn - Mayor of Los Angeles

Hall of Fame, College Football

        College Football Hall of Fame - L.A. Players


        See Disabilities


        Alameda Corridor Project

        Daily Truck & Train Movement To/from Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbors

        Maritime Traffic, Leading U.S. Seaports by Freight Handled

        Maritime Traffic, Tons of Cargo Handled at Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports

        Maritime Traffic, Vessel Traffic at Long Beach & Los Angeles Harbors

        Maritime Traffic, West Coast Seaports Ranked by Freight Handed

        Ports, Harbors & Piers

Hate Crime

        Hate Crimes

Hawaiian Gardens

        Hawaiian Gardens



Hazardous Waste

        Hazardous Waste Roundups

        The Montebello Incident


        AIDS Cases & AIDS-Related Deaths

        Alcohol & Drug Use by High School Students (Survey at LAUSD)

        Alcoholic Beverage Consumption & Cigarette Smoking, Prevalence of

        Cancer, Five Most Common Types in Los Angeles County

        Chiropractic Schools

        Cigarette Smoking & Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, Prevalence of

        Dental Schools

        Disease Incidences

        Disease, Chronic, Occurrence of

        Diseases, Incidence Rate, by Race/Ethnicity

        Drug & Alcohol Use by High School Students (Survey at LAUSD)

        Emergency Rooms in L.A. County

        Health Information Centers - Los Angeles County Public Library

        Health Insurance, Lack of in Los Angeles County

        Hospitals, Licensed in L.A. County

        Hospitals, Some of the Nation's Best are in L.A.

        Infant Birth Weight & Prenatal Care

        L.A. County-USC Medical Center

        Medical Schools

        Mental Health Information & Referrals

        Nursing Schools

        Overweight, Percentage of Adults Who Are

        Pace of Life in Los Angeles

        Pharmacy, USC School of

        Tuberculosis Cases

Health Insurance

        Health Insurance, Lack of in Los Angeles County

Hearn, Chick

        Hearn, Chick - Veteran Los Angeles Lakers Sportscaster

Heisman Trophy Winners

        Heisman Trophy Winners from L.A. Colleges

Hermosa Beach

        Hermosa Beach

Hidden Hills

        Hidden Hills

High Schools

        See Education

Highway Call Boxes

        L.A. County Highway Call Boxes

Highway Highlands

        Communities of Other Cities


        Busiest Highway Interchanges

        Caltrans Orange Hard Hats Along Highways

        Caltrans Sound Wall Program

        Earliest & Most Recent Freeways

        Freeway & Highway Traffic Volumes

        Freeways & Highways in Los Angeles County

        L.A. County Highway Call Boxes

        Map of Freeway & Highway System Map

        Metro Freeway Service Patrol

        Miles of Public Road

        Mission Bells on 101 Freeway

        Numbering of Freeway Lanes

        Pasadena Freeway a Historic Place

        Past Freeway Names

        What are Sig-Alerts?


        Mountain Ranges & Hills



Hispanic Businesses

        Largest Concentrations of Hispanic-Owned Businesses by U.S. Counties

Hispanic Origin Population

        Population of Hispanic Origin

Historical Societies

        Historical Societies, Museums & Archives


        1850 Census Record of Blacks, Jews, Chinese

        Air Travel from New York to Los Angeles in 1930's

        Cahuenga, Capitulation of, 1847

        Chinese Massacre, 1871

        Civil War Barracks - Los Angeles Area

        Eating Out in Los Angeles, History of

        First Non-Stop Flight Across the United States

        Former Incorporated Cities

        Former Names of Communities

        Gage Mansion - Oldest Remaining Home

        General Population by City, L.A. County 1850-1900

        General Population by City, L.A. County 1910-1950

        General Population by City, L.A. County 1960-1990

        Headline History - 1800 to 1847

        Headline History - 1848 to 1865

        Headline History - 1866 to 1886

        Headline History - 1887 to 1909

        Headline History - 1910 to 1929

        Headline History - 1930 to 1945

        Headline History - 1946 to 1962

        Headline History - 1963 to 1979

        Headline History - 1980 to Present

        Headline History - Pre-History to 1799

        Historic Los Angeles Light

        Historical Births, Birth Rates & Infant Mortality, 1920-1992

        Historical List of Archbishops of the Los Angeles Archdiocese

        Historical Resident Population - Spanish & Mexican Period

        Historical Resident Population by City & County of Los Angeles & California

        Historical Sites & Structures

        Historical Societies, Museums & Archives

        History of the Los Angeles Archdiocese

        L.A. County District Attorneys - Past to Present

        L.A. County Sheriff History - 1850+

        L.A. County Sheriffs - Past to Present

        La Brea Woman

        LAPD had the Nation's First Police Woman

        Lazo, Ralph - A True Friend

        Los Angeles' Auto Manufacturing Past

        Los Angeles Chiefs of Police - Past to Present

        Los Angeles Mayors - Past to Present

        Los Angeles’ Original Peoples - Gabrielinos & Chumash

        Los Pobladores

        Mexico's Last Stand Against the U.S. Invasion of California.

        Military Troop Deployments

        Mount Lowe Railway (Historical)

        Museums  - History & Culture

        Original Settlers of El Pueblo De La Reina De Los Angeles, 1781

        Past Military Installations

        Red Cars

        Settlement of Los Angeles

        Sports History - Los Angeles County

        Telephone Exchange Names (Old) for L.A. County

        Where did the Name Los Angeles Come From?


        See Sports - Hockey


        Communities of Other Cities

Hollywood Riviera

        Communities of Other Cities

Homeless Population

        Homeless Population


        See Housing


        Gay & Lesbian Population, L.A. County & the City of Los Angeles


        Emergency Rooms in L.A. County

        Hospitals, Licensed in L.A. County

        L.A. County-USC Medical Center

        Some of the Nation's Best Hospitals are in L.A.


        Hostels in the Los Angeles Area

Hotels & Lodging

        Hostels in the Los Angeles Area

        Largest Hotels

Households & Householders

        Number & Types of Households

        Number & Types of Households by City


        Age of Housing Structures

        Gross Monthly Rent of Renter-Occupied Housing Units

        Highest & Lowest Median Home Values

        Highest & Lowest Percentage of Mortgage-Free Homes

        Highest Median Monthly Rents

        Home Prices, Highest Median Prices Metro Area in United States

        Median Home Selling Prices, Historical in Southern California

        Median Home Prices by Individual Zip Codes

        Median Home Value by City - 1990 & 2000 Census

        Median Monthly Gross Rents in California

        New Residential Construction

        Number and Median Value of Homes

        Number of Condominiums

        Number of Homeowners

        Number of Homeowners & Renters by Community

        Number of Housing Units

        Occupied Housing Units (by Race)

        Value of Owner-Occupied Homes


        Average Relative Humidity at the Los Angeles Civic Center by Month/Year

Huntington Park

        Huntington Park


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