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Pace of Life

        Pace of Life in Los Angeles

Pacific Islander Population

        Pacific Islander Population

Palm Trees

        Palm Trees Native to Southern California?



Palos Verdes Estates

        Palos Verdes Estates



Parks & Public Lands

        Angeles National Forest, Welcome to

        Angeles National Forest Facts

        Angeles National Forest Map


        California, State of, Parks

        Los Angeles, City of, Parks

        Los Angeles, County of, Parks & Recreational Facilities




        Pentecostalism, Birthplace of Modern


        Characteristics of Privately Owned Dog & Cat Population & Their Owners - City of L.A.

        Estimated Number of Households with Dogs, Cats and Birds in L.A. County

Pico, Pio

        Last Governor of Mexican California

Pico Rivera

        Pico Rivera


        Official Tree of Los Angeles

        Palm Trees Native to Southern California?

        Also see Agriculture


        See Law Enforcement


        General Election Voter Turnout

        Political Party Organizations


        Voter Information

        Voter Registration & Party Affiliation by City

        Voter Registration & Party Affiliation by Political Districts

        Voter Registration by Year

        Also See Elections




        1850 to 1960 Census of Ethnic Groups

        American Indian, Eskimo, Aleut & Other Population

        Asian Population

        Birthplace of Population by City

        Blind & Visually Impaired Population in Southern California

        Country of Ancestry

        Deaf & Hearing Impaired Population

        Disability Status in Population

        Disability Type in Population

        Estimated County Population & Relative Ranking Among U.S. States

        Ethnic Population Change by Percentage 1980 to 1990

        Families by City, Number of

        Family Characteristics, Selected

        Fastest Growing Cities

        Fastest Growing Unincorporated Communities

        Gay & Lesbian Population, L.A. County & the City of Los Angeles

        General Population by City

        General Population by City, 1850-1900

        General Population by City, 1910-1950

        General Population by City, 1960-1990

        General Population of City of Los Angeles Communities

        Hispanic Origin Population

        Historical Resident Population - Spanish & Mexican Period

        Historical Resident Population by City & County of Los Angeles & California

        Households, Total Number of & Persons Living in Them

        Households by City, Number of

        Language Spoken at Home

        Least Populous Cities

        Least Populous Unincorporated Communities

        Los Angeles, City of - General Population of City Communities

        Marital Status

        Median Age

        Median Age Projections

        Most Populous Cities

        Most Populous Unincorporated Communities

        Nativity of Population

        Pacific Islander Population

        Persons Living Alone

        Persons Living in Group Quarters

        Population by Age & Median Age

        Population by Age & Sex

        Population by Age by City

        Population by Sex by City

        Population Change

        Population Density

        Projected General & Ethnic Populations Through 2050 for California

        Projected General & Ethnic Populations Through 2050 for L.A. County

        Racial/Ethnic Composition & Estimates

        Racial/Ethnic Composition by Age & Sex

        Racial/Ethnic Composition - Census & State Estimates 1991-1999

        Racial/Ethnic Composition of Cities

        Racial/Ethnic Composition of Unincorporated Communities

        Unincorporated Community Populations


        Homeless Population

        Poverty Guidelines

        Poverty Statistics - Entire County

        Poverty Statistics - by City (Including Breakdowns by Age)


        La Brea Woman

Presidential Elections

        Presidential Election Results

        Latest Detailed Presidential Election Results

Public Assistance

        See Social Welfare

Public Defenders

        Public Defenders Caseload & Alternate Public Defenders Caseload

Public Finance

        See Taxes & Public Finance

Public Lands

        See Parks & Public Lands

Public Libraries

        See Libraries

Public Schools

        See Education

Public Transportation

        Communities with Highest Percentage of Carpoolers & Public Transit Users


        Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

        Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Light Rail Lines

        Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Light Rail System Map

        Oldest Public Transit Bus System

        Public Transit Rider-ship by System

Pulitzer Prize

        Pulitzer Prize Winners


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