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Agricultural Products
Los Angeles County

The Chappelow Avocado tree located in Duarte was the first recorded avocado tree grown in California. William Chappelow, Sr. received his tree from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in July 1893.


Product Value Production
Ornamental Trees & Shrubs $118,240,000 8,121,000 green house sq. ft. & 1,480 field acres
Root Vegetables (includes carrots, potatoes, beets, radishes, turnips, etc.) $44,111,000 9,964 acres
Bedding Plants $35,369,000 1,678,000 green house sq. ft. & 144 field acres
Dry Onions $12,797,000 1,720 acres/ 44,108 tons
Peaches $11,672,000 841 acres/ 12,601 tons
Indoor Plants, Foliage $7,171,000 368,000 green house sq. ft. & 1 field acre
Alfalfa Hay $5,897,000 5,200 acres/ 43,680 tons
Herbs (includes cilantro, parsley, chives, mint, thyme, etc.) $4,550,000 297 acres
Indoor Plants, Flowering $3,643,000 287,000 green house sq. ft. & 1 field acre
Strawberries $2,807,000 122 acres/ 2,800 tons
Table Greens (includes lettuce, spinach, kale, & oriental specialties) $1,802,000 235 acres
Rangeland $1,611,000 200,160 acres
Vine Crops (includes cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes, squashes, melons, & green beans) $1,570,000 304 acres
Ground Covers $1,486,000 225,000 green house sq. ft. & 20 field acres
Grain Hay $929,000 2,400 acres/ 7,200 tons
Apples $560,000 71 acres/ 280 tons
Honey $503,000 291,000 pounds
Grapes $436,000 165 acres/ 593 tons
Cherries $406,000 130 acres/ 102 tons
Avocados $124,000 46 acres/ 146 tons
Beeswax $82,000 22,500 pounds
Christmas Trees $34,000 6 field acres / 730 trees
Firewood $6,000 n/a

Also grown in L.A. County: nectarines, orchids, cacti, sod, citrus, Asian pears, includes sweet corns, leeks, green onions, bell peppers, oat hay, Sudan hay, lilacs, mums, yarrow, gypsophila, carnations, delphinium, freesia

     Leading Crops:     2001     2000     1999     1998     1997

Source: L.A. County Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures Dept.


The number of Christmas trees harvested in Los Angeles County declined from 49,823 in 1993 to 730 in 2002.

Los Angeles County ranks second for raising nursery products in the state (9.4% of the state in 1997) behind San Diego County (18.3%). The county also ranks third among California counties for raising carrots (9.7% of state in 1997) and fourth for onions (11%).


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