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City of Maywood     Seal of the City of Maywood

General Law city
Incorporated: September 2, 1924
City Hall: 4319 E Slauson Ave, Maywood 90270
Telephone: (323) 562-5700
Website: www.cityofmaywood.com

Population (2010 Census):
27,395 (2000 Census: 28,083; 1990 Census: 27,850) For latest State Population Estimates, click here.
Population Density (2010 Census): 23,255.5 persons per square mile
Population Age 65+ (2010 Census): 6.0% (2000 Census: 4.2%; 1990 Census: 4.5%)
Population Under Age 18 (2010 Census): 32.6% (2000 Census: 37.0%; 1990 Census: 36.6%)
Land Area: 1.18 square miles (3.05 square kilometers); Water Area: 0.00 square miles (0.00 square kilometers)

Other City Facts & Statistics

City Government Officials

Chamber of Commerce: 4801 E 58th St, Maywood 90270; (323) 562-3373, Fax (323) 562-2905

Possibly named after May Wood, an employee of the land developer Laguna Bell Land Company. Voters chose the name probably at the time of the city’s incorporation.

City in red below. Click on map for more detailed color map of county.


Due a poor claims history over the period of 2005 to 2010, the City of Maywood received notice from the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (JPIA) that their workman's compensation and commercial insurance coverage was cancelled, effective June 30, 2010.  In an unprecedented move for a California incorporated city, the Maywood city council then announced the dismissal of almost all its municipal departments and staff, including the police department.  The city then contracted with the the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for police services (fire services were already provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department) and neighboring City of Bell for most other municipal services.



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