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Average Cost of Educating a Pupil*  in Los Angeles County
2014-2015 (with 2000-2001 Comparison)

School Year 2014-2015

Type of School District Cost Per Pupil (ADA)* Statewide**
Elementary $ 9,138 $ 9,239
High School $ 10,333 $ 10,455
Unified $ 10,628 $ 9,867
All School Districts $ 10,452 $ 9,794

School Year 2000-2001***

Type of School District Cost Per Pupil (ADA)* Statewide**
Elementary $ 5,905 $ 6,092
High School $ 6,243 $ 6,534
Unified $ 6,622 $ 6,413
All School Districts $ 6,537 $ 6,360

* Cost Per ADA (Average Daily Attendance) is the Cost of Education divided by ADA. Cost of Education are expenditures for salaries, employee benefits (not including state payments to retirement systems on behalf of districts), books and supplies, equipment replacement, services and direct support. Average Daily Attendance (ADA) is California's method of counting students - the number of students attending school divided by the number of days in the school year. ADA differs from enrollment.
** All school districts within each type within the State of California.
*** Alhambra Unified (once Alhambra City Elementary/High Schoo District) was classified as a Combined Administration district in 2000-2001. It is currently a Unified School District. For purposes of comparison, its 2000-2001 numbers are here calculated under the Unified category. Likewise, Wiseburn Unified was also differently classified as an Elementary district in 2000-2001. Its 2000-2001 numbers are also here calculated under the Unified category for comparison purposes.

Source: California Dept. of Education

Average Spending Per Pupil by School District



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