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Los Angeles County Sheriff Election Results
Since 1998

November 2014 General Election (Run-Off)

Candidate Votes Percent of Vote
Jim McDonnell 743,406 75.0
Paul Tanaka 247,043 25.0

June 2014 Primary Election (Results in Run-Off. See Above)

Candidate Votes Percent of Vote
Jim McDonnell 340,682 49.4
Paul Tanaka 104,192 15.1
Bob Olmsted 67,855 9.8
James Hellmold 52,953 7.7
Patrick L Gomez 45,276 6.6
Todd S Rogers 41,855 6.1
Lou Vince 37,458 5.4

June 2010 Primary Election

Candidate Votes Percent of Vote
Lee Baca 640,606 100.0

June 2006 Primary Election

Candidate Votes Percent of Vote
Lee Baca 547,302 66.8
Don Meredith 83,006 10.1
Ken Masse 82,305 10.0
Ray Leyva 70,583 8.6
Paul L. Jernigan Jr 36,466 4.5

March 2002 Primary Election

Candidate Votes Percent of Vote
Lee Baca 646,556 72.3
John Stites 136,555 15.3
Patrick L. Gomez 110,834 12.4

November 1998 Election (Run-off)

Candidate Votes Percent of Vote
Lee Baca 1,112,166 61.3
Sherman Block (Incumbent) 703,178 38.7

June 1998 Election (No majority - Run-off Required)

Candidate Votes Percent of Vote
Sherman Block (Incumbent) 431,591 36.1
Lee Baca 387,361 32.4
W A "Bill" Baker 237,090 19.8
Patrick L. Gomez 138,730 11.6

Source: Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk


In 1998, Sheriff Sherman Block died just days before voters were to decide upon his bid
to be re-elected to a fourth term as Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Block's supporters were
not dismayed and continued to campaign for the late Sheriff’s re-election. They hoped to
deny a victory to Block’s opponent, Lee Baca. An election victory for a deceased
candidate would place the appointment of a new Sheriff in the hands of the County Board of
Supervisors. County Supervisors were not supportive of Baca's candidacy. Baca was
considered an outsider to the county political establishment. Baca won the election, however,
with more than 60 percent of the vote.


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