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Profile of Legalized Population Under the Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986

74% were from Mexico
21% were from Central America
2% were from other West Hemisphere nations
4% were from Eastern Hemisphere nations

95% were in the US for economic reasons
65% were in the US for family reasons
32% were in the US for political reasons
4% were in the US for other reasons

83% were in the labor market
43% were covered under a health plan
52% had no health plan coverage

Mean Family Income:  $18,938  ($30,853 for all US residents)
Median Family Income:  $16,349

42% worked in manufacturing sector
21% worked in sales sector
24% worked in services sector
6% worked in construction sector
15% worked in white collar jobs

9% had at least some college education
43% had 7 to 12 years of secondary education
13% spoke English well

Median age upon arrival in US:  32
Median year of first arrival in US:  1978

38% arrived in US prior to 1977

Source: Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services



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