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Medal of Honor Recipients From Los Angeles County

U.S. Army Recipients

Devore, Edward A.*, Jr., Specialist 4, Vietnam, 17 Mar 1968 (Harbor City/Torrance)
Dunagan, Kern W., Major, Vietnam, 13 May 1969 (Los Angeles)
Evans, Donald W., Jr.*, Specialist 4, Vietnam, 27 Jan 1967 (Covina)
Gonzales, David M.*, Private 1st Class, WW2, Philippines, 25 Apr 1945 (Pacoima)
Harvey, Raymond, Captain, Korea, 9 Mar 1951 (Pasadena)
Hooper, Joe R., Staff Sergeant, Vietnam, 21 Feb 1968 (Los Angeles)
Ingalls, George Alan*, Specialist 4, Vietnam, 16 Apr 1967 (Los Angeles)
Littrell, Gary Lee, Sergeant 1st Class, Vietnam, 4-8 Apr 1970 (Los Angeles)
Miller, Oscar F.*, Major,WW1, France, 28 Sep 1918 (Los Angeles)
Moon, Harold H., Jr. *, Private,WW2, Philippines, 21 Oct 1944 (Gardena)
Munemori, Sadao S.*, Private 1st Class, WW2, Italy, 5 Apr 1945 (Los Angeles)
Roark, Anund C.*, Sergeant, Vietnam, 16 May 1968 (Los Angeles)
Rocco, Louis R., Sergeant 1st Class, Vietnam, 24 May 1970 (Los Angeles)
Turner, George B., Private 1st Class, WW2, France, 3 Jan 1945 (Los Angeles)
Ware, Keith L., Lieutenant Colonel, WW2, France, 26 Dec 1944 (Glendale)

U.S. Marine Corps Recipients

Anderson, James, Jr.*, Private 1st Class, Vietnam, 28 Feb 1967 (Los Angeles)
Matthews, Daniel P.*, Sergeant, Korea, 28 Mar 1953 (Van Nuys)
Maxam, Larry Leonard*, Corporal, Vietnam, 2 Feb 1968 (Los Angeles/Glendale)
Obregon, Eugene Arnold*, Private 1st Class, Korea, 26 Sep 1950 (Los Angeles)
Phipps, Jimmy W.*, Priv.1st Class, Vietnam, 27 May 1969 (Culver City/Santa Monica)
Poynter, James I.*, Sergeant (Reserves), Korea, 4 Nov 1950 (Downey)

U.S. Navy Recipients

Finn, John William, Lieutenant, WW2, Hawaii, 7 Dec 1941 (Los Angeles)
Jones, Herbert Charpoit*, Ensign (Reserves), WW2, 7 Dec 1941 (Los Angeles)
Koelsch, John Kelvin*, Lieutenant J.G., Korea, 3 Jul 1951 (Los Angeles)
Monsoor, Michael A.*, Petty Officer 2nd Class, Iraq, 29 Sep 2006 (Long Beach)


*Posthumous Award


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