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U.S. Naval Warships Named After Cities in Los Angeles County

U.S.S. Pasadena (SSN 752) in the Pacific Ocean.

U.S. Navy photo undated and uncredited.


Aboard the attack submarine USS Pasadena (SSN 752)

in the Pacific Ocean, a Petty Officer conducts a

periscope sweep to ensure that no "contacts"

exist that would interfere with surfacing.

U.S. Navy photo by

Photographer's Mate 2nd Class August Sigur
July 19, 1998

USS Los Angeles (active)
Type:  Nuclear-Power Attack Submarine
Class:  Los Angeles Class
Hull Number:  SSN-688
Commissioned:  November 13, 1976
Home Port:  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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USS Pasadena (active)
Type:  Nuclear-Power Attack Submarine
Class:  Los Angeles Class
Hull Number:  SSN-752
Commissioned:  February 11, 1989
Home Port:  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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USS Los Angeles (retired)
Type:  Heavy Cruiser
Class:  Baltimore Class
Hull Number:  CA-135
Commissioned:  August 22, 1945
Decommissioned:  November 15, 1963

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USS Long Beach (retired)
Type:  Nuclear-Power Guided Missile Cruiser
Class:  Long Beach Class
Hull Number:  CGN-9
Commissioned:  September 9, 1961
Decommissioned:  May 1, 1995

USS Long Beach Reunion Assn.

USS Pasadena (retired)
Type: Light Cruiser
Class: Cleveland Class
Hull Number: CL-5
Commissioned: June 8, 1944
Decommissioned: January 12, 1950

USS Los Angeles (retired) (Airship)
Type: Zeppelin
Hull Number: ZR-3
Commissioned: November 25, 1924
Decommissioned: June 30, 1932

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society   &  Naval Airship Association


The USS Los Angeles attack submarine was the first of its class deployed by the U.S. Navy. There are now 51 submarines of its class deployed including the Pasadena.

The bow section and the bridge of the retired USS Los Angeles is on display at the Maritime Museum in San Pedro.


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