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Los Angeles Dodgers - Facts and Franchise History

Web site: www.dodgers.com
Home: Dodger Stadium (Capacity: 56,000)
Affiliation:  Major League Baseball (National League - West)
Owner: Guggenheim Baseball Management (since March 2012)

Attendance at Home Games (2016):  3,703,312 (average per home game: 45,719). 2007 was the record year at 3,856,753.


1890-1898 - Brooklyn Bridegrooms (Named for four star players who were married over the 1889-90 off season). Merged with Brooklyn Wonders in 1891. Played at Washington Park (Brooklyn, 1890), Eastern Park (Brooklyn, 1891-1897) and Washington Park II (Brooklyn, 1898).

1899-1910 - Brooklyn (Hanlon's) Superbas, (Named for a popular vaudeville acrobatic troupe when Ned Hanlon was manager). Merged with Baltimore Orioles in 1900. Played at Washington Park II (Brooklyn, 1899-1910).

1911-1913 - Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (Named for the wild maze of trolley lines near the Brooklyn Bridge). Played at Washington Park II (Brooklyn, 1911-1912) and Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, 1913).

1914-1931 - Brooklyn Robins  (Named for manager Wilbert Robinson). Played at Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, 1914-1931).

1932-1957 -  Brooklyn Dodgers. Played at Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, 1932-1957) and Roosevelt Stadium (Jersey City, 1956-1957).

1958-Present - Los Angeles Dodgers. Played at Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles, 1958-1961) and Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, 1962-Present).

Other Nicknames: Church City Nines and Brooklyn Kings during the 1880s, Brooklyn Foutz's Fillies during the 1890s (for manager Dave Foutz), Dem Bums during the 1940s and 1950s.



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